2016 Ancient Greek Day

8:30-9:00 Arrival.   Paideia will have some breakfast items there for us.
        Students, who have brought something to be judged, put posters and buffet food in appropriate places.    
        ASAP T shirt Distribution: Mr. Pearsall and other adult volunteers
8:45-9:45  Tour the Basement level Exhibit on Ancient Greek technology
            Do not touch the Exhibits!  *Please attend your kids so they do not try to make             
             the machines work.    
9:45   Break out sessions:   
            A: Tour the Greek Chapel  ( Ms. Kuenkler & Ms.Valace)
            B: Ostraka Ostracism Workshop ( Mr. Coleman & Mr. Gabrielson )
            C: Tour of Skene & Sayings of the 7 Sages (Ms. Barclay & Ms. Furst)
10:30 All to Greek Theater
            A. Greek National Anthem   (Ms. Barclay will bring copies)
            B. Antigone related skits
            C. Other skits, improv, recitations etc.
11:30 All to Main Hall
            A. Official Welcome: Prof. Tomazos & possible UCONN students
            B. Speaker: Prof VerSteeg on Ancient Greek Law
            C. Remarks on Classical Studies - Prof. Ward  & Mr. Pezzulo
12:30 Lunch
            Song led by Glastonbury students
           Awards and Prizes: Mr. Gabrielson and Prof. Ward
1:00 Quiz Bowl Competition:  student volunteers in form of AHEPA HH Tournament
         Greek Dancing
1:30 - Tours of UCONN led by individual teachers for their students
            (Some teachers have done this the past several years)
1:45 Clean up and Dismissal

CT High School Greek Day was MONDAY November 2, 2016.  The theme of this year was "Archimedes and Ancient Technology."

Schedule of the Day 

8:30 -9:30 Arrival, Refreshments

    posters placed along window tables;  food contributions (LABELLED Please) on marked tables

    Distribution of Greek Day T shirts and everyone put them on

9:30 - 10:30 Teachers and students together tour the museum exhibition. guided  discussion.     

10:30 Welcome, Nina Barclay, Prof. Allen Ward, Prof. Ilias Tomazos

10:45 Break out discussions and activities

    1. Socrates Cafe    2. The Delphic Wisdom of the 7 Sages    3. Juror Tags

11:15 All Move to the Greek Theater

    National Anthems



    Visits to the chapel and the new mosaic    

12:00 Lunch, Discussion, and prizes 

1-1:30 Departure for home, or tour UCONN,  Ballard puppet theater etc.

Greek Day focuses on a particular ancient Greek work that all students read in English ahead of time and then come and share scenes, skits and adaptations with each other. There are often a couple of  20-minute talks/presentations by faculty for small groups or the group as whole. 

We used the Greek theater for students to perform songs, skits, recitations or creative responses to the Iliad or Athenaze.

For Information about CT High School Greek Day 2017, Please contact Nina Barclay (email )